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Hi, I'm Amy!

I'm a registered holistic nutritionist, certified culinary nutrition expert and an Ontario-certified teacher. ​

As a holistic nutritionist, I use a whole-body approach to nutrition and health in order to identify the root cause of my client’s health issues, rather than just treating the symptoms. This means I look at a person’s entire lifestyle, including their diet, exercise habits, mental & emotional health, sleep patterns, stress levels and their support system.​

I love supporting clients with all different needs, but one area I love specializing in is supporting clients with mental health, particularly adults and children struggling with ADHD and other neurodivergent conditions.​

I know what it’s like to struggle with your health, as I’ve been there before too! As a mother, I struggled with severe anxiety and postpartum depression. Adjusting to life as a new parent was difficult for me, to say the least. I struggled to lose the baby weight, regulate my mood, find the energy to take care of other human beings, and somehow be a loving partner as well. ​

This is when I discovered the power of food. ​

Subtle shifts in my own diet began to show big results. I felt my brain was clearer, more alert, and less tired, anxious and depressed. I finally started to feel joy again - the joy of being a mom, the joy of living my life again. It was a profound realization. 

As my first child grew and began to eat solid foods, I did my best to keep meals balanced and whole. After my second child, all that went out the window. It was about survival…and my sanity. I leaned on convenience foods and began to see a direct correlation between what my children ate and their ability to manage their own moods and behaviours. ​

This was my turning point. I’d felt the impact of a healthy diet on my own mental health, but watching my children experience turmoil launched me into a quest for learning as much as I could about nutrition.


So, I turned my problem into purpose...

And, it eventually led me to enroll in nutrition school at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and embark on my new career in holistic nutrition. I began to implement small changes: little tweaks to our family meals, packing in as much nutrition wherever I could and learning tricks for batch cooking, meal-prepping and picky eating. These small changes led to really big results in my own family’s health!​

As a holistic nutritionist, our work together is about incremental gains: small changes and little tweaks that happen over time. I understand that no one can implement a complete nutrition or lifestyle overhaul in one day. My goal is to support you in making small, manageable, and sustainable changes that work for you, and work towards improving your health and reaching your goals. ​

After working together, you’ll leave with a new set of nutrition and lifestyle skills you can utilize going forward in your life. My goal is to make improving your health simple, easy and attainable.​

I am so excited to support you on our journey together.


B.A. Hons, B. Ed., Western University
Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition
Certified ADHD Coach Candidate: iACT Center
Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, The Academy of Culinary Nutrition
Metabolic Balance® Coach
Intuitive Eating Counselor Lay Fascilitator
Advanced Clinical Focus Ce
rtificate: Mental Health & Neurology
Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition Professionals Member
Worldwide Women's Association Member
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