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Fuel Your Focus

My 12-Week journey designed for moms with ADHD
Ready to ditch the overwhelm for clarity & confidence?  

This program is for you if:

  • You wake up feeling more tired than when you went to bed, your mind racing with worries and to-do lists, leaving you drained before the day even begins.

  • Meal planning, prepping & grocery shopping feel like insurmountable tasks, leaving you scrambling for unhealthy options at the last minute.

  • Try to make healthy meals for your family but just opening the fridge sends you spiralling into indecision.​​

  • You're tired of quick fixes and fad diets and are looking for sustainable, long-term solutions to improve your family's health and well-being.

  • You worry about the impact the challenges of ADHD might have on your whole family.

  • You want practical strategies and support to help you manage your ADHD symptoms, create healthy routines, and thrive as a mom.

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Taking control of your ADHD IS attainable

Program Breakdown

Through three, transformative pillars, my proven Fuel Your Focus program is designed to simplify your daily routine, turning challenges into strengths with nutrition, organization and easy lifestyle systems:

Green Salad

Kickstart your journey with an overview of evidence-based nutrition strategies specifically designed for managing ADHD:

  • Identify sources of nutrient-dense foods that boost focus and mood

  • Use a smart-snacking approach to maintain balanced energy levels throughout the day

  • Easy hacks for supporting the gut-brain connection


This phase is all about making feeding yourself and your family easy:

  • Personalized meal planning and prep solutions, tools & resources 

  • ADHD-friendly, balanced, whole food recipes designed specifically for your busy lifestyle 

  • Strategies & systems for grocery shopping, pantry-stocking, and kitchen organization that will streamline meal preparation for good

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In this phase, we focus on building sustainable routines:

  • Systems for integrating movement, mindfulness and improving sleep patterns

  • Strategies for cultivating a food mindset shift - ditching diets and enjoying food freedom for good

  • Tools for maintaining our new habits in the face of challenges - how to manage setbacks, motivation & support systems

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This is your roadmap to nourishing your mind, lightening the mental load & harnessing the power of your ADHD

What's Included:

  • Weekly LIVE Group Calls (on Zoom)

  • Regular, Q & A support from me

  • Fuel Your Focus worksheets, handouts, resources and videos

  • Recipes, meal plans & shopping lists tailored to your nutritional preferences

  • New modules released each week​​

  • Private access to a community of women just like you

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You can create a calmer, more organized household, and Fuel Your Focus will show you where to start



  • Will changing my diet really make a difference in managing ADHD?

    • Absolutely! While diet isn't a cure-all, it plays a crucial role in managing ADHD symptoms. Balanced nutrition can significantly impact focus, energy, and mood stability. I’ve seen remarkable transformations in both myself and clients, underscoring how tailored nutritional strategies can enhance overall well-being and manage ADHD traits effectively.

  • Do I need to have an official ADHD diagnosis to join your program?

    • No, an official diagnosis is not necessary to benefit from Fuel Your Focus. The program is designed for anyone who struggles with ADHD traits or suspects they might have ADHD, providing support and strategies to improve focus, organization, and overall health for themselves and/or their families.

  • Is this program only for moms with ADHD?

    • While the program is tailored for moms with ADHD, it's also beneficial for those without an official diagnosis but who experience similar challenges. Additionally, moms looking to support their children with ADHD or who want to manage family nutrition more effectively will find valuable insights and strategies in the program.

  • How long is the program?

    • The program is three months long - From April 4 - June 6, 2024​

  • How often do we meet and when?

    • We meet virtually every week for 60 minutes starting April 6, and the group will complete a poll to determine the best time.

  • What If I can't attend the live calls?

    • All calls will be recorded and posted in the program portal so you watch at your convenience.

  • Is this program covered by insurance?

    • Many insurance companies include holistic nutrition and nutritional consulting in your health plan, or as part of your health spending account. Check with your specific insurance provider to confirm. 

    • Not covered? Make a request: 

      • ​You can contact your insurance company or your HR department to ask if these services can be added to Extended Benefits Plans. Contact Amy and ask for the Holistic Nutrition Insurance Coverage Request letter template outlining what she does as RHN and how she will work with you.


  • How long do I have access to the program?

    • Forever! You'll also get access to any updates made to the course in the future. 

  • I'm not sure this is for me...

    • What will happen if you do nothing? Where will you be in six months? Better than you were six months ago? 

    • Still pondering? Schedule a quick call with Amy here.

  • I'm SO ready for this! What's next? 

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Fuel Your Focus is more than a program—it's a pathway designed for you to harness the strengths of your ADHD

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Hi, I'm Amy!

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert & Certified Teacher, my journey is deeply intertwined with the challenges and triumphs of ADHD.

My experience with anxiety, postpartum depression, and seeking balance as a mother revealed the significant role nutrition plays in our mental health. Following my ADHD diagnosis, which came shortly after one of my children's, I was driven by a deep commitment to understanding how nutrition influences ADHD, focusing on its effects beyond just the symptoms.

My passion lies in supporting moms and their families navigating ADHD, using food as a powerful tool for transformation. With a focus on whole-body wellness, I integrate dietary adjustments, lifestyle habits, and emotional support into a comprehensive plan tailored for those with ADHD.

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Ready to cut through the chaos? 

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