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Family Nutrition
Strategy Session

Drowning in Nutrition Noise?

Feeling overwhelmed by conflicting nutrition information online?


You find one article praising low-carb diets, another touting the benefits of a plant-based diet, and don't forget to avoid gluten & dairy like the plague - leaving you feeling more confused than ever.​


And the truth is, it's not just you!​​

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One-Size-Fits-All advice doesn't work for families.

You have unique needs and preferences, and your kids might be picky eaters, busy athletes/performers, have special dietary concerns, allergies or intolerances, or deal with ADHD​​

In our 60-minute session, you'll get personalized nutrition solutions to fuel your family:

  • Clear the Confusion: Expert advice cutting through the noise of social media, providing evidence-based information you can trust.

  • Family-Focused Strategies: Develop a plan that considers everyone's needs and preferences, creating a happy and healthy eating environment.

  • Nutritional Know-How: Learn about essential nutrients, healthy eating habits, and creative ways to incorporate them into your family's life.

  • Picky Eater Solutions: Discover research-backed strategies to help your children explore new foods and develop a positive relationship with food.


  • Stress-Free Planning: Get tips for making healthy choices, meal planning, and grocery shopping with ease.​​

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Recieve a Family Meal Plan & Recipe Bundle

($85 Value)


"Before working with Amy, our family meals were stuck in a rut. We cycled through the same few dishes, and my kids were hesitant to try anything new. Amy provided creative strategies for incorporating more vegetables and whole grains into our meals and her meal plan and recipes appealed to everyone! Now, we enjoy trying new flavours and foods together."


"As parents of two kids with ADHD, mealtimes were chaotic and stressful. Working with Amy helped us understand the connection between food and focus. She provided personalized strategies to manage blood sugar levels and created a plan that worked for our whole family. Now, mealtimes are calmer, and we've seen a positive impact on our kids' energy and concentration."


"As a busy working mom with two picky eaters, mealtimes were a constant battle. Working with Amy was a game-changer! She helped us create a personalized plan that everyone could enjoy. Now, we have fun exploring new foods together, and I feel confident knowing my family is getting the nutrients they need. Thanks, Amy!"
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Fuel Your Family - Not Your Confusion! 

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Hi, I'm Amy!

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I'm passionate about helping families create healthy and balanced eating habits.


My mission is to empower families to fuel their well-being through evidence-based nutrition strategies.


I understand the unique challenges families face, like picky eaters, special dietary needs, and busy schedules. Drawing on my experience as a Certified Teacher and Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, I create personalized meal plans and strategies that work for everyone at the table.

Whether you're looking for tips on managing allergies, picky eating, mental health, supporting healthy growth, or simply finding joy in mealtimes, I'm here to guide you.


My Family Nutrition Session is your roadmap to a happier, healthier family through food!

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Let's cut through the noise of social media and conflicting information, providing you with evidence-based information you can trust.



  • What is a Family Nutrition Strategy Session? 

    • It's a personalized 60-minute session designed to help you create a healthy and balanced eating plan for your entire family. We'll address your specific needs and goals, from picky eaters to special dietary concerns.

  • What can I expect to gain from the session?

    • You'll receive expert advice on evidence-based nutrition, personalized strategies for your family, tips for managing challenges like picky eaters, and a stress-free approach to meal planning and grocery shopping. You'll also receive a bonus sample family meal plan & recipe bundle.

  • Do you promote specific diets (e.g., vegan, paleo)?

    • I focus on a personalized approach that considers your family's unique needs and preferences. I can provide information about different dietary choices but will ultimately guide you towards a sustainable and balanced plan that works for you.

  • How do you handle picky eaters?

    • I offer research-backed strategies to help children explore new foods and develop a positive relationship with food. We can discuss age-appropriate approaches and create a plan that fosters a calm and enjoyable mealtime experience.

  • How much does the session cost? 

    • The Family Nutrition Strategy Session is offered at a rate of $285 + HST.​

  • How long is the session?

    • The session lasts for 60 minutes, providing ample time to discuss your family's needs and develop a personalized plan.

  • Is this program covered by insurance?

    • Many insurance companies include holistic nutrition and nutritional consulting in your health plan, or as part of your health spending account. Check with your specific insurance provider to confirm. 

    • Not covered? Make a request: 

      • ​You can contact your insurance company or your HR department to ask if these services can be added to Extended Benefits Plans. Contact Amy and ask for the Holistic Nutrition Insurance Coverage Request letter template outlining what she does as RHN and how she will work with you.​​​​​​

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Stop Googling & start growing! Book your family nutrition session today!

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