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EmpowHER Workshop: Nourishing Smoothie Recipe Collection

I'm thrilled to participate as a guest expert in the EmpowHER spring session with Alia Francisco, a renowned mindfulness practitioner (@manifest_with_alia).

This empowering program offers girls aged 8-13 a safe and supportive environment to navigate the crucial stage of their lives. By incorporating elements like yoga, mindfulness, and journaling, Alia guides the community towards a mindful connection with their bodies and an exploration of what feels right for them.

During my session, I will have the opportunity to discuss the fundamentals of nutrition, introducing intuitive eating principles, and guide the group in creating a delicious and nourishing smoothie. This workshop provides a unique opportunity to empower these young girls with knowledge and skills to make informed food choices and develop a positive relationship with their bodies.

Smoothies: A Nutritional Powerhouse for Growing Kids

Smoothies have gained popularity in recent years for their ability to deliver a convenient and nutritious punch. Packed with vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants, smoothies can significantly contribute to the overall health and well-being of growing kids.

Let's explore the specific nutritional benefits that smoothies offer:

Essential Nutrients in a Single Glass:

Smoothies are like a nutrition powerhouse! You can blend together all sorts of yummy ingredients like fruits, veggies, protein-packed goodies, healthy fats, and even superfoods. It's like creating a wholesome meal in a single glass!

And the best part? These nutrient-dense smoothies give growing kids a mega boost of vitamins, minerals, and all the good stuff their bodies need to grow strong and healthy. It's like a one-stop-shop for all the essential nutrients they need to thrive and shine their way through this exciting stage of life!

Fibre for Digestive Health:

Fibre plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy digestive system. Fibre-rich ingredients like juicy fruits, crunchy veggies, and crunchy seeds work wonders to support regular bowel movements, preventing uncomfortable constipation, and promoting a healthy gut. A well-functioning digestive system is essential for every kid's (and adult's) overall wellness and the absorption of important nutrients to support growth.

Boosted Immunity:

Growing kids need robust immune systems to ward off illnesses and infections. Smoothies can be enriched with immune-boosting ingredients like citrus fruits (high in vitamin C), leafy greens (rich in antioxidants), and probiotic-rich yogurt. These additions can help strengthen the immune system, keeping kids healthy and active.

Brain-Boosting Nutrients:

Smoothies offer an opportunity to incorporate brain-boosting ingredients that can enhance cognitive function and support mental well-being. Ingredients such as blueberries (rich in antioxidants), avocado (providing healthy fats), and nuts or seeds (packed with omega-3 fatty acids) offer nutritional benefits that support brain development and function.

Hydration and Energy:

Proper hydration is vital for maintaining optimal health, and smoothies can be an excellent way to stay hydrated, especially during warmer months. Additionally, smoothies can provide a quick energy boost, making them an ideal choice for active kids involved in sports or other physical activities.

Convenient and Customizable:

Smoothies are incredibly convenient, making them a perfect choice for busy families. With a blender and a few simple ingredients, you can create a delicious and nutritious meal or snack in minutes. They can be tailored to individual preferences and dietary needs, accommodating allergies, sensitivities, or specific nutritional requirements.

So...Are you Convinced Yet?

If you need somewhere to start, I've created a collection of amazing smoothie recipes for my awesome EmpowHER workshop attendees and all the amazing kids out there. These recipes are not only super tasty but also loaded with all the good stuff kids growing bodies need to be strong and healthy.

Whether your child needs a quick and energizing breakfast to kickstart their day, a refreshing post-workout or activity treat, or simply a fun way to get more fruits and veggies into your kid's diet (or your own), these recipes have got you covered.

Click HERE to grab the EmpowHER:

Let's empower kids with the tools to create their own delicious and nourishing smoothies as well as snacks and meals. By encouraging their creativity and providing guidance on making informed choices, we can instill lifelong skills that foster a positive relationship with food and their bodies.

Are you interested in taking the empowerment and nourishment of your kids to the next level?

Then you'll love my Nourish & Grow Program for Kids!

This program is specifically designed to provide comprehensive guidance on nutrition, intuitive eating, healthy habits, and self-care practices for young minds.

Through interactive lessons, fun activities, and delicious recipe ideas, we'll empower kids to make smart food choices, develop a positive relationship with their bodies, and cultivate a healthy mindset towards eating.

By incorporating intuitive eating principles, we'll teach kids to listen to their bodies, honour their hunger and fullness cues, and make choices that truly nourish them.

Click HERE to learn more about this empowering program and how it can benefit the kids in your life.


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