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Nourish & Grow

Empowering Kids & Teens to Thrive with

Healthy Choices

Cultivating Healthy Relationships with Food and Fostering Nutritional Independence

Welcome to the Nourish & Grow Program, a nutrition program designed to support your child's healthy relationship with food, expand their food choices, and promote a balanced and nutritious diet. Drawing on my experience as a teacher, this program is specifically tailored to address selective eating tendencies while fostering intuitive eating skills.

With this program, our goal is to provide your child with a strong foundation in nutrition basics and empower them to make healthy food choices. Through interactive sessions, we cover a wide range of topics, engaging activities, and valuable resources to make learning about nutrition enjoyable and impactful.

Each session is thoughtfully designed to deliver essential knowledge, practical tools, and important practices for a comprehensive approach to nutrition. We not only focus on nutrition basics but also introduce intuitive eating principles, meal preparation techniques, and meal planning activities to equip your child with the skills to make informed choices and develop lifelong healthy habits.

Throughout the program, your child will receive ongoing support and guidance. We provide helpful handouts, engaging tracking activities, and meaningful homework assignments to reinforce learning and encourage practical application of their newfound knowledge.

Here's what we'll cover in the program: 

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1. Nutrition Basics & Smart Snacking

Your child will:

  • Dive into the world of nutrition education and how the food we eat powers our bodies and supports growth.

  • Meet the key nutrients - carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

  • Build a balanced snack like a nutrition pro!

  • Explore the magic of colourful fruits and veggies with the Eating the Rainbow tracking activity.

  • Snack smart with guidelines and healthy snack-building ideas and activities.

  • Build a smoothie recipe suited to their tastes with their new-found nutrition knowledge.

3. Tuning Into Your Body's Needs: Encouraging a Healthy Relationship with Food

Your child will:

  • Discover the principles and practices of intuitive and mindful eating.

  • Learn to recognize and respond to their body's hunger and fullness signals and understand the importance of eating when hungry and stopping when comfortably full. 

  • Understand the importance of honouring their cravings and preferences without judgement.

  • Participate in mindful eating exercises that encourage them to tune in to their senses and experience of eating - developing a deeper connection with their food.

  • Learn to challenge food rules and guilt associated with eating and develop a more flexible and compassionate mindset towards food choices. 

  • Use an intuitive eating journal to reflect on their eating experiences, including hunger and fullness levels, satisfaction and emotions related to food.​​

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2. Building A Healthy Meal: The Lunchbox Challenge

Your child will:

  • Continue nutrition understanding using our education workbook. 

  • Unveil the secrets of how to use protein, whole grains, carbs, fruit, veggies and healthy fats to build a balanced lunch for supercharged energy.

  • Aim to use the rainbow for a variety of colours and textures in their lunch.

  • Understand the importance of keeping those blood sugar levels happy with smart choices.

  • Understand the importance of hydration and create a ''happy hydration' strategy with water-flavour enhancing ideas.

  • Build a balanced lunchbox recipe.

  • Begin the  Sweet Treat & Lunchbox Challenges.

4. Building Healthy Meals: Recipe Creation & Meal Planning

Your child will:

  • Completion of our nutrition workbook and reviewing our understanding of balanced meals and intuitive eating.

  • Design their ideal dinner & breakfast recipes and build a list of favourite meal and snack ideas

  • Understand the benefits of meal planning to ensure a variety of nutritious meals throughout the week to support their growth.

  • Create their own meal plan based on their preferred food choices and the principles of balanced nutrition. 

  • Receive an  additional 1-week meal plan and recipe collection based on their personal preferences.  

The program includes: 

1 x 90-minute Intake, Assessment, and Goal-Setting Session:

During this session, we will take the time to gain a deeper understanding of your child's unique needs and challenges. Together, we will collaborate and create a personalized plan tailored to your child's specific goals. Our aim is to identify and address the specific areas of difficulty that impact your child's life, empowering them to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential.


4 x 60-minute Bi-Weekly Interactive Program Sessions:

Our program consists of four interactive sessions that are designed to make learning about nutrition engaging and fun for your child. We will cover various topics, activities, and resources to expand their knowledge and promote a balanced and nutritious diet. From exploring nutrition basics to intuitive eating principles, meal preparation, and meal planning activities, each session will equip your child with practical tools and empower them to make informed choices for their well-being. Each session is interactive so that your child gets hands-on experience in the kitchen.


A Personalized One-Week Meal Plan:

As part of the program, we provide you with a comprehensive, child-preference-specific one-week meal plan that takes the stress out of snack and mealtime. The plan includes recipes, complete grocery lists, and even prep schedules to help you navigate meal planning with ease. With our support, you can confidently nourish your child's body and mind with delicious and nutritious meals.


Lifetime Access To Our Program Materials:

As a participant in the program, you and your child will have exclusive access to our private Google Drive folder. This treasure trove of resources includes recorded sessions, informative handouts, extra recipes, and a wealth of other fantastic materials to keep you organized and supported throughout the program and beyond.


Check-Ins & Support Between Sessions:​​​

I understand the importance of continuous support and guidance on your child's journey. That's why I offer direct access to us between sessions. Whether you have questions, need additional accountability, or seek guidance, we are just a message away. With our ongoing support, you and your child will feel empowered and confident every step of the way.


Investment: $687 CAD (3 payments of $229 CAD) + HST

Contact Amy for more information about this program >

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Join us on this journey to empower your child to make nourishing and healthy food choices. Together, we will help them thrive and develop lifelong habits for their well-being.

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