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Beat March Break Chaos: Fuel Focus for You & Your Kids

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March break is almost here! Whether you're planning a relaxing staycation or an exciting adventure, it's easy for routines to get disrupted, especially when it comes to mealtimes and healthy habits


As a mom navigating the challenges of ADHD, I understand how this can lead to meltdowns (both for us and our little ones!), difficulty focusing, and a surge in sugar cravings.


But there's good news! 


We can still enjoy a fun and stress-free break by keeping our blood sugar levels balanced. This is key to maintaining focus, energy, and emotional regulation for both you and your children. 

Here are 3 simple tips to help you achieve this even during the chaos of March Break:

kids eating packed snacks

1. Plan Ahead & Pack Smart: 


Instead of relying on convenience store snacks, pack nutrient-rich, portable options like pre-portioned fruits and vegetables with hummus, whole-wheat crackers with cheese sticks or almond butter packets. These will provide sustained energy and prevent blood sugar crashes.


2. Stay Hydrated with a Twist: 


Keep everyone hydrated with reusable water bottles. Make it fun by adding a squeeze of citrus or a splash of 100% fruit juice. This keeps hydration exciting and encourages consistent sipping throughout the day.


3. Schedule Meals & Snack Time Adventures: 


Stick to a consistent meal and snack schedule as much as possible, even if your routine changes at home or while traveling. Turn mealtime into a treasure hunt at a local market for the most vibrant and colourful ingredients, ensuring a good mix of protein, veggies, and healthy fats.


Bonus Tips:

  • Get creative with snack time! Make your own DIY trail mix with your kids or explore local markets for fresh, regional produce that everyone will enjoy.

  • Indulge a little! Choose dark chocolate or fruit-based treats for a satisfying and controlled sugar fix, avoiding crashes and maintaining energy levels. Don't forget to throw in a little protein or healthy fats to keep moods steady.

kids at outdoor food market

I understand the challenges of maintaining healthy habits during breaks, especially with ADHD in the mix. 


By following these tips and prioritizing balanced blood sugar, you can navigate March Break with increased energy, smoother focus, and less stress for the whole family


But what if you could go beyond these temporary solutions and create a lasting transformation in your approach to managing ADHD for the whole family?


Stay tuned for more details as to how my new program: Fuel Your Focus can help you transform your approach to meal planning and conquer the unique challenges of being a mom with ADHD. It's all about creating a balanced lifestyle that supports your brain's health and function, allowing you to navigate the challenges of life with greater ease.

If this sounds like the kind of journey you or a loved one could use, I’m here to chat. 

Got questions about the program? Curious about how it all works?  Add a comment - I'd love to hear from you!

And remember, taking care of yourself is the best way to take care of those you love.


Amy Jones

BA Hons., B Ed., RHN, CNE, OCT

Care-Informed & Health At Every Size® Nutritionist

Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Instructor

Metabolic Balance® Coach

Certified ADHD Coach Candidate (iACT)


Curious about what holistic nutrition can do for you and your family?

If you’re looking for support with your family’s health goals regarding mental health, ADHD or fostering a healthy relationship with food, feel free to book in a FREE assessment call so we can chat to see if Holistic Nutrition is a good fit for your family!



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