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Holistic Nutrition: Bridging the Gap In Traditional Healthcare

I originally wrote this note for my oldest son, Miller (he's 8):

He's been going through some challenges getting accustomed to his new class and friends at school, and at one point, he didn't think he could go back. I started putting motivational quotes on sticky notes around the house for him to see in the morning.

His mindset is something I really worry about. I've spent most of my life digging out of that and I'm trying to save him from the struggle that I've ensued. I'm writing this today because I spent the entire afternoon yesterday with my anxiety heightened to a point it hasn't been for quite a while. I finally got an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon (it's taken over a year) to consult on my torn labrum (in my right hip) which I've been managing for almost 2 years. It flares up here and there, I rest, increase my intake of Omega-3s, turmeric, bromelain & Vitamin D, see my amazing chiropractor (Dr. Danielle @beacheshealthgroup) and then I can function again.

For those of you who know me, You know that I can't manage a single day without movement. So this has already been a challenge. I'm ready for the cycle to end. I've already had multiple MRIs, but I spent almost 2 and a half hours waiting for an additional X-ray on the day of the infamous appointment - and my anxiety was through the roof. I'm in a flare-up situation right now so I can't sit, and I can't stand. I just generally paced the waiting room at the hospital for the entire time. I was LOSING it. Seriously, I went into the bathroom and had a little cry (which is super healthy, by the way). When I finally saw the surgeon he told me I had to be referred out again (to another surgeon) for an arthroscopy. Then, he said that he would "see me again when you need that hip replacement one day." LIKE, WHAT? What a thing to say. I almost fell over. So I asked him to suggest what I could do to support my joint health through diet, exercise and wellness. Crickets.

He gave me a prescription for a potent NSAID, that will, no doubt, wreak havoc on my microbiota and incur even more inflammation long-term. It quite seriously broke my heart. I've felt so supported by our health system in the past, especially in the mental health realm, but now as a holistic nutritionist - I see the disconnect between our hard-working and overwhelmed medical community and the average person grasping for any sort of hope.

Our health system and its amazing doctors and nurses are so overworked that they just simply don't have the time to devote to prevention and symptom management education. I've been struggling with this so much with all of this (mentally & physically). When I finally got home and had a chance to decompress, I happened to glance over to my sticky note window (where I like to compile ideas and inspiration) to see that note I wrote for my oldest baby.

"My challenges help me grow."

So - I'm going to dig into this (cause what else would I do???). This is why us holistic nutritionists exist. This is why I was so drawn to this profession in the first place. An alternative to, well, CRICKETS.


Curious about holistic nutrition can do for you and your family?

If you’re looking for support with your family’s health goals regarding mental health, ADHD or fostering a healthy relationship with food, feel free to book in a FREE assessment call so we can chat to see if Holistic Nutrition is a good fit for your family!

Amy Jones

BA Hons., B Ed., RHN, CNE, OCT

Metabolic Balance® Coach

Intuitive Eating Counsellor Candidate

Care-Informed & Health At Every Size® (HAES®) Nutritionist


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